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Our members

Free Society Centre is a new ‘micro-tank’ that aggregates research and policy and promotes liberal ideas and proposals as both a means and an end in the struggle to find solutions to global challenges and crises like the Climate Crisis, pandemics and anti-microbial resistance, AI and automation, globalisation and the future of work. They also have a strong focus on challenging the new trend for ‘illiberal democracy’ that is spreading throughout the world and here in the UK.

Trade Deal Watch was set up in 2016 to raise awareness of post-Brexit trade deals, Brexit negotiations and other trade issues such as corporate take-overs. Now, as post-Brexit deals become more common, they ask, “Free trade, liberating for whom?”

#KeepTheLightsOn was a ‘rapid platform’ created for the MP, Daisy Cooper, and Save St Albans Pubs, as part of their campaign to raise awareness of the problems of the 10pm curfew for the hospitality industry.

The Social Liberal Forum has been a long running campaign alongside and within the UK’s Liberal Democrat party. They promote ‘social’ liberalism as espoused by Beveridge and Keynes, with pro-active government to free people from poverty, ill-health and inequality.