When starting a new liberation organisation, assuming it’s a basic limited company structure with 1-5 staff, you will need to consider:

  1. Name, logo design and branding – the fun bit!
  2. Domain name/Social media handle registration
  3. Company formation
  4. Registered service addresses for the company and the director(s)
  5. Bank account
  6. Register with HMRC
  7. Monthly salary payments and software to submit info to HMRC
  8. Auto-enrolment pension
  9. Annual accounts and financial submissions
  10. HR processes/Staff handbook
  11. GDPR compliance, ICO registration (if handling sensitive data like political preferences)
  12. Electoral regulation (if intending to campaign or advertise during any election period)
  13. PR to announce your launch or first success!
  14. Social media management
  15. Targeted digital advertising and marketing
  16. Supporter maintenance (from basic newsletters to a full ‘supporter journey’)
  17. Event management
  18. Fundraising – from grant writing to wooing those ‘high net worth donors’

Of course, once you’ve built up your supporter base, the donations are steadily rolling in and you have 10+ staff, you can do a lot of this stuff ‘in-house’ yourself. But, it’s a lot to ask of a founder and their board.

This is where Liberation inc. can help. We have built a reservoir of experience in all these areas so that founders and startups can plug in to an efficient, pooled resource rather than having to duplicate activity and management overheads as their first step.